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Hazel was in Love. With her brother. Poor boy, riddled with cancer, he died. Thus begins a comic novel which waltzes the reader along through war-torn Europe, the American Midwest, Apartheid South Africa, space and time itself - and eventually lands up in singing London (sic) in the 1970s and yes, there are drugs involved! Also spies. And death too.Thomas Bloch was Hazels grandson. Much beloved, even trusted. Which was strange, considering Toms mother considered her to be the archetypal wicked stepmother.

Perhaps the fact that Tom quite liked her arose from teenage rebellion? So Hazel told him the story of how, back in war-torn Europe she had romantically met the very romantic Count Laszlo Mindchyck, whose legendary penis had impaled many women but none he had loved more than Hazel. How in the nipple-shaped castle in the backwoods of Hungary she had been tormented by his evil twins from a previous marriage, leading to her fleeing from this fairytale by night, finding herself in Vienna in time for the Anschluss and eventually returning to South Africa with the ashes of her brother and the ashes of her dreams.

Where she meets and falls in love with recently bereaved Toms Grandfather, Robert Stone, the demented old man who later, in his wheelchair, confronted terrorists at Toms wedding...slow down!Tom is not what BOSS, the Bureau of State Security, would call a good boy even though he is a Hero of the Republic.

(Another story.) He is in fact deeply enmeshed in Student politics on the campus of the University and is amongst the body of Anti-Apartheid pro ANC activists referred to as Komminists by BOSS.

And Toms best friend Pieter is one of their spies. Fine! Until Tom discovers his activities and joins in...with the avowed intention of undermining BOSS and all their works. And then Tom discovers love and drugs, pretty much in the same afternoon.

Mona! American and very purple and flowing.


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