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We live in this planet since time immemorial, a tiny dot in an ocean of darkness.All the people we know and love live here. Here are our dreams and ourdisappointments.

This planet is our country; this planet is us. In this planet we live asour ancestors did.This land belongs to all religions, faiths and their representatives, teachers of ethics,fair men, people who create but also people who destroy.

Some people whose onlygoal is ending up with the civilization. Corrupt people who do not respect the essenceof the human being and whose desire is their enrichment based on the death ofothers. War lords turned this planet into a theatre where they represent a terrible playin which the death is the main character.

A play in which blood flows as rivers andfloods the corpses of its innocent victims.Why is this happening? Why this willingness to kill each other it is so uncontrollable?I know that nobody will come to help us in case of a hecatomb; a savior will notcome from another planet to rid us of ourselves.

There is no place for us to flee or toemigrate to. Why do not we treat ourselves with love and respect? Why do not webuild rather than destroy? Why is the human being so selfish? This planet is ourhomeland. This planet is us, and we are killing it.Why do not we unite our voices against those doers of death? A unique voice thatdefends the right of a dignified, safe and peaceful life. A unique voice that raisesagainst destruction, death, torture and exiles caused by wars.No one wants to be forced to leave behind his family or friends.

No one wants toleave his land, the place of his childhood or deprive his children of it.(Con ilustraciones a color y texto a varios idiomas).


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